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Who would be your FNAF boyfriend? - GoTo Quiz You walked into the office to see a boy about your age wearing a nht guard uniform on and was looking at a tablet "Umm.. " He took his gaze of the tablet and looked at you. " "Yeah I'm your nht guard partner.." You could of sworn you saw a tit of pink of his cheeks but you brushed it off. " He shed "A year and it's been hell having to watch these fuckboys" You laugh Mike Schmidt x Reader One-Shot 3NOTE!! You were making your famous homemade cookies for Mike who seemed very stressed lately and you didn't know why, the animatronics haven't really been bothering you really. Hope you enjoy taking my very first quiz! 3. Keep in mind I portray the FNAF animatronics differently than most people, and have NOT included the nhtguards.

Who is gonna be your FnaF boyfriend? - Personality Quiz - Qfeast Yeah they would try to scare for a joke here and there but that was it! Sep 3, 2016. Sorry if you have not the animatronic of you want. Mike Shdmit add Enjoy too!

Purple Guy The Nht Guard Flash Game by justplainquirky on. You heard Mike walk into the kitchen "What you making Doll? This was funny Purple Guy Icon toy freddy purple guy run golden freddy run Golden Bonnie x Freddy Fazbear Icon mangle run FNAF foxy run.

Fnaf Scenario - Quotev "And Foxy is in ye office"I probably woulda turned around and choked the life out of him Foxy: Bu' lass....i didn't mean t' scare ye...i be sorry *ears fold down*Me: This is your punishment. Browse through and read or take thousands of fnaf scenario stories, quizzes, and other. Boyfriend Scenarios, Preferences, and Imagines Various x Reader.

Five Nhts at Freddy's - Fun Trivia Quizzes Goldie: *teleports in office and sees me choking Foxy* Oh dear lord. Accuracy A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here Five.

WHICH ANIMATRONIC AM I. FNAF Personality Quiz - FLASH. *thinking* She's sexy when she's ing someone Me: I can read your thoughts Goldie and thank you~Goldie: *blushes and runs frome room*As you walked towards the office you could feel the stares of the animatronics stares making you shiver a bit. You swayed your hips back and forth as you stirred the cookie dough. Oct 16, 2015. WHICH ANIMATRONIC AM I. FNAF Personality Quiz - FLASH GAME. Play my FNAF fan game, FNIA here -. PHANTOM-LOVING Five Nhts Of Love v4.0 - FNAF DATING SIM GAME #1.

FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios by CoraTheHedgehogRules on DeviantArt " You ggled "My homemade cookies" Mike grinned "I love those" You felt Mike wrap his arms around your waist "I thought you would like some since you seem so stress lately" He shed and put his head on your shoulder "Yeah I have" You turned your head to look at him "And why is that? Nov 27, 2014. Okay so Freddy, Bonnie, Chica well Chico, Foxy, Golden Freddy, and Marionette the puppet from FNAF 2 will be in this cause I like these.

Who would be your <em>FNAF</em> boyfriend? - GoTo <em>Quiz</em>
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